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Кое-что про М-16...

vorchunn: В предисловии к антологии военной нф "Future Weapons of War" Джо Холдеман (автор потрясной "Бесконечной войны") вспоминает войну во Вьетнаме и свои злоключения с гранатами и винтовкой М-16.
ВИФовцам должно понравиться ;))

Like most soldiers, I had a love/hate relationship with the weapons I carried: they can protect or save your life, but they also make you a target. And sometimes they don't work as advertised, or even turn on their owners.

In Vietnam, a couple of hours before I was to get on the helicopter that would take me out of the base camp and into war, I had an interesting colloquy with the company armorer, a chain-smoking sergeant who was obviously glad to be staying behind. He set four hand grenades in front of me and I had to tell him about raking leaves...

И т.д.
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