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Wreckage of Ju 87 "Stuka" discovered near Croatian Island Žirje

Almost 2 weeks ago remains of Ju 87 "Stuka" dive bomber has been discovered near Croatian Island of Žirje but information was publicly disclosed only yesterday... wreckage is in surprisingly good condition after all this years under the relatively warm waters of the Adriatic and it stands on its wheels down position on the seabed. It is estimated that it is possible to be fully restored which is planned in the future.

There are only 2 of these existing aircrafts in museums in Chicago and London out of 5709 total built, 2 other wrecks from the Norway and Greek waters were found in much worse conditions.

It was discovered by luck fallowing the information from local fisherman community, the dive was conducted by the members of Department of Underwater Archeology of The Croatian Restauration Society, diving club ZG-SUB and Ministry of Defence Military Museum.

Engine from the plane has been ripped off from the impact with the sea and it lies close to the aircraft.... it is presumed that this is Italian Airforce R-2 variant of the famous dive-bomber shot down by Royal Yugoslav Army in April War of 1941.

Literature says it is probably the Ju 87 R-2 aircraft from the 239. Squadriglia, 97 Gruppo Bombardamento a tuffo which on 12.04. 1941 with 2 more aircraft was involved in attack on Royal Yugoslav Navy hydroplane squadron anchored in the bay of Jadrtovac near the city of Šibenik.... two planes were hit, one plane was shot down and its crew was killed, second one was damaged and was forced to land on the sea where it layed until now.

Источник фоток http://imgur.com/a/0MYau
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