u_96 (u_96) wrote,

А вот и подробности пошли...

"Yesterday morning the Liberian flagged (Russian operated) oil tanker, MOSCOW UNIVERSITY, was hijacked approximately 350 miles east of Socatra. It was reported that the crew had locked themselves into the “rudder compartment” and a Maritime Patrol aircraft made contact with the crew a few hours later to confirm that they were safe. A Russian warship, Marshal Shaposhidov, was reported to be heading at full speed towards the hijack position. EU Naval Forces in the area offered support to the Russian ship and EU NAVFOR Maritime Patrol aircraft were put on alert to support any operation.

Early this morning, the Marshal Shaposhnikov arrived at the oil tanker Moscow University’s position and sent a helicopter to investigate. The helicopter was fired upon by the pirates holding the ship. The Russian warship, knowing the crew were locked down and safe, returned fire on the pirates. Eventually the pirates surrendered and a boarding team from the Marshal Shaposhnikov arrived onboard the Tanker, captured all the pirates and freed the crew. All the crew are safe and well..."
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