November 20th, 2010

Вот Такие Мы Лихие Мужеложству Вопреки!

"Гарри Поттер и Дары Смерти"...

...Хотя куда правильнее было бы назвать фильму "Гарри Поттер и Смертоносное Уныние". Да-с.

Отсмотрели сегодня с Женой первую часть этого киноапокалЯпсиса. Очень затянуто. Чрезмерно уныло. Масса сюжетных ходов, цельнотянутых из незабвенного Джи Ры Ры Толкиена. Впрочем, ответ на вопрос, что курила аффтарша книги и съёмочная группа, вполне ясен. Курили всей кодлой банковские чеки с множеством нулей. Чувствуется, что пробирало это не по-детски...
Вот Такие Мы Лихие Мужеложству Вопреки!

Отличный фильм...

H.M.S. Defiant is a British film released in 1962 starring Alec Guinness and Dirk Bogarde. It tells the story of a mutiny aboard the fictitious ship of the title at around the time of the Spithead Mutiny. It was directed by Lewis Gilbert, with a screenplay by Nigel Kneale from the novel Mutiny by Frank Tilsley.

The humane Captain Crawford (Guinness) is in command of the warship HMS Defiant during the Napoleonic Wars. He soon finds himself in a battle of wills with his second in command, the sadistic and supercilious first lieutenant, Mr. Scott-Padget (Bogarde). The Lieutenant believes that Crawford is too soft on his crew, and also disagrees with the captain's decision to proceed with orders to sail to Corsica despite word that Napoleon has overrun much of Italy. Scott-Padget has powerful family connections, which he has used in the past to "beach" two previous commanding officers with whom he disagreed. Knowing that Crawford is helpless to intervene, Scott-Padget subjects the former's son, Midshipman Harvey Crawford (David Robinson), to excessive daily punishments so as to gain leverage over the captain.

Meanwhile, some of the crew, led by seaman Vizard (Anthony Quayle), are organising to strike for better conditions, in conjunction with similar efforts throughout the British fleet. They eventually pledge virtually the entire crew.

In the Mediterranean, the Defiant encounters a French frigate escorting a merchant ship. After a sharp engagement, a boarding party from the Defiant captures the French frigate, and the merchantman surrenders. Crawford dispatches his son as part of the skeleton crew tasked to send the captured merchantman back to a British port, thereby placing him out of Scott-Padget's reach. Crawford tells Scott-Padget that bringing his son with him was a mistake, but now he's "put it right!" He further vows to take actions that will "amaze" his second-in-command. Before long, Scott-Padget is confined to quarters as punishment for insubordination. His humiliation is compounded by the requirement that he appear on deck every two hours in full dress uniform; a punishment usually reserved for young midshipmen.

Soon, Defiant fights and captures a Venetian frigate, taking on many prisoners. Crawford is severely wounded in the action and eventually loses his arm. Discovered among the prisoners is a key aide to Napoleon, from whom the British learn important information about a planned invasion of Britain.

With Crawford temporarily out of way, Scott-Padget takes command, but his brutality goads the crew into a premature mutiny. Appealing to their patriotism, Crawford convinces Vizard and the other mutineers to sail for the main British fleet blockading La Rochelle in order to warn them of the impending invasion. Crawford promises to intercede for the crew as best he can, on the condition that none of the officers are harmed.

As the Defiant reaches the fleet at La Rochelle, they receive word that the main British fleet has already gone on strike, with the naval high command agreeing to most of the sailors' demands. The crew's jubilation at the news is cut short when the hot-headed seaman Evans murders Scott-Padget. Realizing that they are now all doomed to punishment as mutineers, an enraged Vizard kills Evans. Their only course now is to try to escape with the ship.

Just then, the French fleet sorties from port, and a French fireship is sighted heading straight for the British flagship. As the only ship under sail, the Defiant has the unique opportunity to save the flagship. Once again, Crawford appeals to the crew's patriotism, convincing them to intercept the fireship. Vizard is killed in the ensuing action, living just long enough to hear a message from the British admiral thanking Defiant for their gallant actions.

...Особенно удались сцены вербовки/отлова рекрутов в кабаках Спитхеда и первое появление молодого сына командира корабля на батарейной палубе H.M.S. Defiant, готовящегося к отплытию в Средиземку. "Клянусь Богом, это матросские жёны!", - восклицает сопровождающий молодого уоррент-офицер. И старается спиной заслонить картину глобального перетраха нижними чинами шалав, спешно свезённых "на дорожку" со всего Спитхеда. Через чётко определённое для таких случаев время следует команда вахтенного офицера "очистить палубу!" Под громкие боцманские рулады блядей (всех разом застропленных сеткой) вымахивают на шлюпку. Минуту спустя сетка на канате плывёт уже в обратном направлении, переполненная визжащими свиньями... Символично, да.
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