October 29th, 2009

"...За себя и за того парня!" (с)

Резун и солнце - день чудесный...


"СПЕШИАЛ ФОР ФИЛОЛОГЕССА А. aka the_mockturtle
Давно у меня витала идея сделать альбом MP3 шедевров филологессы А., но все руки не доходили. А поскольку мы с Мэлом сегодня записывали наш летний мюзикл "Между Римом и Миланом" (разумеется, как всегда, в последний день!) было решено спеть несколько пробных вариантов от Алёны. Исполняет Мэл/Дм. Благодиров.

Нифига не обрабатывал, посему - что есть, то есть. Потом запишем нормально в хорошем качестве (хотя и тут вполне прилично).

Для начала бессмертное "Летят автострадные танки" (http://gunter-spb.livejournal.com/930057.html?view=20290313&style=mine#t20290313):
Вот Такие Мы Лихие Мужеложству Вопреки!


6/6/2008 - LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. (AFPN) -- Distorted data introduced by a B-2 Spirit's air data system skewed information entering the bomber's flight control computers ultimately causing the crash of the aircraft on takeoff at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Feb. 23, according to an Air Combat Command accident investigation report released June 5.

Moisture in the aircraft's Port Transducer Units during air data calibration distorted the information in the bomber's air data system, causing the flight control computers to calculate an inaccurate airspeed and a negative angle of attack upon takeoff. According to the report, this caused an, "uncommanded 30 degree nose-high pitch-up on takeoff, causing the aircraft to stall and its subsequent crash."

Moisture in the PTUs, inaccurate airspeed, a negative AOA calculation and low altitude/low airspeed are substantially contributing factors in this mishap. Another substantially contributing factor was the ineffective communication of critical information regarding a suggested technique of turning on pitot heat in order to remove moisture from the PTUs prior to performing an air data calibration.

The pilot received minor injuries, and the co-pilot received a spinal compression fracture during ejection. He was treated at Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii, and released. The aircraft was assigned to the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.

The cost of the lost aircraft is about $1.4 billion.

P.S. "Feb. 23"?.. Однако...