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Кстати, об индийцах и пиратах...

...On 19 November 2008, the Indian Navy reported that INS Tabar had attacked and sunk a pirate "mother ship". The crew of INS Tabar had requested the pirate vessel stop to allow a search but the crew of that vessel in response threatened to sink INS Tabar if it approached closer. The pirates then opened fire on INS Tabar and in response the Indians retaliated. It is reported that a large explosion occured on the pirate vessel which then sank. Several of the pirates managed to escape via a speedboat under cover of darkness...

Мораль: голой пяткой на 100 мэ-мэ прыгать не стоит. Даже если ты пират...

P.S. Между нами, девочками, фрегат был построен на Балтийском судостроительном заводе в Санкт-Петербурге и передан ВМС Индии в 2004 году.
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