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В свете недавних плясок с бубном вокруг будущего Royal Navy,..

...Статья от 26 июля сего года Design & Preparations Continue for Britain's New CVF Future Carrier (updated) идёт просто на "ура".

In 1998, Britain's Strategic Defence review (SDR) announced plans to replace the current set of 3 Invincible Class 22,000t escort carriers with 2 larger, more capable Future Aircraft Carrier (CVF) ships that could operate a more powerful force. These new carriers would be a joint-service platform, operating aircraft and UAVs from all three services (Navy, RAF, Army) in a variety of roles that could include ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance), force projection and logistics support, close air support, anti-submarine/ anti-surface naval warfare, and land attack.

Once the new ships of the Queen Elizabeth Class are complete, Britain will possess a full-size carrier force for the first time in several decades. CVF carriers will initially be equipped with the F-35B STOVL Lightning II, along with AEW aircraft and helicopters; but the ships will be upgradeable to handle conventional fixed-wing naval aircraft and/or unmanned UCAVs during their expected 40-50 year life span... И ТыДы.

...А вы говорите, что только у нас в Генштабе сидят маньяки, мечтающие о титаническом авианосном флоте. ;)

Кста, вообще рекомендую к ознакомлению ресурс Defense Industry Daily. Перманентно там очень нажористые фишки попадаются...
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